6 January 2009

Who wants to wrap around your dreams

Un gest vechi de 5o de ani... acum pare doar niste randuri dintr-o carte de Coelho...

(Tenzing Norgay)

Reporter: How do you feel with the success of taming the highest mountain in the world?
Tenzing Norgay: Very happy

Reporter: You are a Sherpa for Edmund Hillary, you must be positioned in front of him, shouldn't you be the first person to step to the Mount Everest?
Tenzing Norgay: Yes, that's very true, when it was only one step left to the top, I let him to step and become the first person in the world that succeeded in taming the highest mountain in the world..

Reporter: Why did you do that?
Tenzing Norgay: Because that is Edmund Hillary's DREAM, not mine... my dream is only to successfully help and guide him to achieve his DREAM.

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